I Just Think​.​.

by Infidelix



Recorded while Infidelix was on tour 04/07/2014


in the morning when i wake up, i roll out a bed and have a med joint to bake up, old jean wearing not that fake stuff, flat brim cap rent a maybach, with what? the 2.50 that i have in the pants pock..shit… i thought i would get rich but ii dreamt alot. i thought thought you were bitch i shoulda stayed talk, dont know where im from rock the green socks0. writing rhymes sittin next to a two year old wishing he was super man all grown up ..big and bold… on the bus bu i don't know where im going, not educated but my mind is ever growing, find me a band and at the shows i will be flowing, i am the man if you dont know now you are knowing, your biting mother fuckers worse then at world cup, BACKWARDS, when it comes to the lack of words you di thinker your fucked, hip hop massacre im tangent with persistence a luxury in life are them girl scow thin mints..


Produced By: Lewis Rhymes for 99% Studios
Recorded at 99% Studios Lab
Lyrics by Bryan Rodecker
Vocals: Infidelix



all rights reserved


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